10 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

It’s best to start early when deciding to protect your home from the harsh elements. Fall is a great time to start your seasonal overhaul as the kids are back in school and weekend weather is often more favorable to spending time working outdoors. Tips and tricks from one of the best South Jersey contractors, Cambridge Building and Remodeling’s, can help you gain peace of mind this winter when the weather is anything but predictable.

1. Drain all of your garden hoses and air conditioning pipes to prevent freezing when the temperatures drop. Indoors, be sure to insulate your delicate plumbing pipes to avoid cracking or breakage, a costly mistake that many homeowners overlook.

2. Start buying bags of ice-melt and sand now to avoid mile-long lines and sellouts once the news of inclement weather hits. Neither go bad or expire but store them in a cool, dry area to ensure their staying power. Consider your purchases smart long-term investments in helping to keep your property safe and snow-free.

3. Inspect your home, garage, doorways, and property’s exterior for cracks and damage. Seal any nicks or fissures with weather stripping or caulk to avoid the big chill and to lower your heating bills.

4. A great and cost effective tip for heating your home in the winter is to open your window’s blinds or curtains allowing sunlight to warm your rooms without the artificial and dry feel of heat.

5. Close and lock all of your windows completely. They may look like they’re shut tightly, but double-checking will ensure that they really are. Even the slightest crack can allow warm air to escape and cold air to creep into your home.

6. A tip we suggest for both the summer and winter months is to lower or raise your thermostat just two degrees more (or less) than what you think is a comfortable level. A reasonable 55 degrees in the winter will help you lower your heating bills in a big way.

7. Test your furnace early on before it gets too cold to go without it. Doing so might help you avoid a costly mid-season surprise.

8. Always have an emergency kit on hand. Stock it with batteries, first aid supplies, candles, and flashlights for use during unpredictable winter storms. Store your kit in an easily accessible location for all of your family members. Build a mobile kit for your car that includes ice scrapers, blankets, a spare pair of gloves, and a flashlight for roadside emergencies.

9. Most homeowners know the benefit of installing smoke detectors in every room, but many forget to mount life-saving carbon monoxide detectors as well.

10. Purchase a programmable thermostat. Most models run fairly cheap and can help families to regulate their home’s temperature. Set yours to heat when you are inside, and to cool when you’re away on vacation on during work hours.

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